Creating a successful show, documentary or film that draws a sizable audience is no easy task and it undoubtedly requires a hefty amount of good timing, good vision, good instincts, and good luck.  

But even when vision, timing, instinct and luck get aligned in a project's favor, if the story doesn't remain cohesive throughout, if characters are not purposefully designed, if the small and big aspects of each and every script are not meticulously planned and revised, a promising project will crash and burn soon after take-off. 

PLOT was conceived out of frustration, passion and eagerness, as we watched how the entertainment industry has been in a long slump, where networks and production companies have opted way too often for "tried and true" products. Fortunately, though, that has steadily opened spaces for fresh, out-of-the-box ideas, and innovative stories. 

PLOT aims to offer new, original and interesting audio-visual content to appeal to a wide range of audiences and tastes, in a variety of media and genres. To accomplish that, we have brought together a highly qualified team of  writers and "thinkers" from an array of creative fields to come up with concepts and ideas, and refine them into great stories in line with the needs of our clients. We also constantly pitch original products and formats that  emerge from our "think tank", to production companies and networks whom we feel they would be suited for.

PLOT's guarantee is innovation, originality, quality and professionalism.  


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